How to join WPC sabong international?

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How to join WPC sabong international?

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What is sabong international and how is it done?
Believe it or not, seeing bloodshed in sports is an ancient tradition in human history. Remember the gladiators! ? The tradition has survived and remained unchanged for thousands of years, and cockfighting is the most popular. Its roots go back to ancient times when it was introduced by the Greeks, the Romans and finally the British. However, modern history believes that the game originated in Southeast Asia, in the Philippines. Even so, there has not been a specific place for comic fighting, since every country that plays the game has historical significance.

Although the practice of killing cocks and blood sports is prohibited in some religions such as Islam, in Indonesia, online sabong is a popular tradition to perform a ritual of fighting as a form of animal sacrifice. In the Philippines, fire fighting is called in the village as Sabong, and it is completely legal to do different types of fire fighting. The World Slasher Festival is held every year in the Philippines and is called the World Slasher. This worldwide event is known as the Cockfighting Olympiad!
Animal cruelty advocates are working hard to get legislators to ban pranks and blood sports because of the cruelty involved in the sport. Although some countries prohibit this practice legally, the game is regulated as a common practice in others.

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