Where to find the sabong international registration form?

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Where to find the sabong international registration form?

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At the same time in the cockpit of sabong international, turning in the ring, the breeders put blades, knives or built 3-inch gaffs one of the legs of each bird, so that they hurt themselves really. The pieces of paper are sharp enough to puncture a lung, pierce an eye, or break a bone. This is what fighting to the death really means; that’s why animal rights advocates believe that people who enjoy such activities need psychotherapy!!!!! This event can happen in abandoned buildings, backyards or even basements and can last from a few seconds to 15 minutes.

Although according to the law, online sabong is not necessary for one or two birds to die for the winner to be declared, often death is unavoidable due to the severity of the injury. Okay, back to the rules of combat! Once the blades are installed, two more chickens are brought into the arena to get the competing birds to cheer! It is often used in standard one-on-one brawls, known as hack fights. Then the owners will rub the bird on each other to know which enemy is the one to be killed!!

The fight ends when the bird dies or is so seriously injured that it cannot hit its opponent when the referee holds the two face to face. Another way to win is when one of the birds escapes, which is the most embarrassing way for a bird owner to lose!

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